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“Manifest Destiny” and “The Body Holds its Own” (poems) published in Sheila-Na-Gig Spring 2023

“Winter Fly” (poem) published in the Spring 2023 edition of Gyroscope Review

Wilda Morris’s Poetry Challenge for Feb. 2023 selected “Behind the Dunes” as the month’s winning poem

New Verse News nominated my poem “Table for One” for a Pushcart Prize

“Three Ways of Looking at a Harmonica” wins first prize in the Midway Journal short prose competition

“Paper Dolls” published on One Art

“Saved” was selected by Verse Daily to be reprinted from Twelve Mile Review

“January 28, 1986” published in New Verse News

“Thanksgiving with Kerouac” in the online (winter 2022) New Ohio Review

“Hot Enough” in the online (winter 2022) New Ohio Review

“Camp Probable” (sudden fiction) in SoFloPoJo online

Superpowers” (poem) in the New Ohio Review online

“Doves” (poem) in the Red Eft Review online

“Alphabet” (poem) in the Red Eft Review online

“Jarvik-7” and “Consider the Aunties and Grandmothers” (two poems) in SoFloPoJo

“Throwing Like a Girl”, (poem) Honorable Mention, Sheila-Na-Gig

“Coloring Book with Secret Superheroes” (poem) in New Verse News

“Jetstar 88,” (flash fiction) published in JMWW

Sweet Forgiveness” in (poem) Rattle, Readers Respond

“Hammer“, “Outlier“, “Table for One” and “Shackled” (poems) in NewVerseNews


Review of Half-Life by Jane Ann Fuller, published in Periodical Poetry #9

Review of Swan Wife by Sara Moore Wagner, published in Periodical Poetry #8

Review of Heartbreak Tree by Pauletta Hansel, published in Periodical Poetry #6

Review of The Parting Present by Manuel Iris in the Athens News

Review of Zero: a Door by Wendy McVicker in the Athens News

Review of Enchanted Ground by Sharon Hatfield in the Athens News

Poem for March 12, 2020
Ignoring Wolf Blitzer on the way to the AWP

It is not that people do not realize
what this world is coming to.
In the airport CNN drones on,
large screens at every gate. I remember
once I paid rapt attention, the day
that George Zimmerman was acquitted
for the death of Trayvon. Now, that memory
is almost blotted out by news
of death by virus, a new murderous strain,
each of us waiting in a row of seats
to board a plane, a possible vector,
assassin. George got away with it,
but today, this woman two seats away from me
coughs. Another woman looks up from her laptop.
The jury is out. On the plane,
no one wears a mask, the blank bank of clouds
holds no answers. Two seats away,
a man writes longhand into a notebook.
It could be me.

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