About Bonnie

Author, Artist, sometime blues harp player

I was born in Queens, NY, but spent summers in Westchester County, where the hills and woods worked their way into my heart. I’ve lived in Buffalo, NY, in West Virginia, and now reside outside of Athens, Ohio, on a ridge top overlooking an old growth forest with my singer-songwriter husband, one lazy cat, and a sweet but clueless dog. I began to create using glass as a medium in the 1970’s, and still find that it is as inspiring and as daunting as it ever was. The same can be said about writing, about playing blues harmonica, about life. In this blog, you may find some writing about any one of these passions. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting this blog.

Thanks Rick Spisak, for this in-depth interview that features both your work and mine, and a wide ranging conversation. I hope folks enjoy more of your series Poets of the East.

Thanks, Jeremy Jusek, for the OPA Spotlight podcast. Grateful for this conversation, really an exploration of my writing and ideas.

To learn more about Bonnie, check out this interview posted on Canvas Rebel

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